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Root Tonic

A good root system is as important as healthy leaves for producing a good crop of flowers/fruit, Root Tonic contains a range of ingredients beneficial to roots and plant health in general (#1 ).The quality (and price) of these ingredients can vary wildly depending on the grade of material. We have attempted to source the best possible even if it means paying more, we think this gives us the best product.

Whilst very good results can be obtained using Root Tonic during the growth period and 2 weeks into flowering/fruiting, for exceptional results we recommend using Root Tonic from the beginning to the very end of your plants life cycle. Customers who have used the product in this manner have given some fantastic feed back.


Use all the way through for super roots.

Use at 10ml/ltr as a one off feed to give tired perennial plants in containers a new lease of life.

Use at 20mls/ltr as a soak to revive/restore dried out cuttings and plug plants (if the roots have formed and the leaves have wilted not dried )

#1…Ingredients are…… Humate a mixture of potassium humate, fulvic acid and other humate fractions basically an extact of the good bits in soil (#2) Seaweed extract (contains plant hormones and micronutrients) and last but not least amino acids (plant version of body builder drinks)

#2…Growers Ark Limited uses Humate in Its’ Coco food and Root Tonic. Humate  is a natural compound formed by the decomposition of plant material over geological time scales (1000’s of years), it is found as deposits in the ground. It is chemically similar to the compounds that are termed “humus” or humic compunds in a rich living soil. Humate has been used, researched and tested for over 25 years, initially in the turf care industry (golf courses sports grounds etc) but in more recent years in a wide range of agriculture/ horticulture settings.

Humate  acts as a mild biostimulant to plants acting to improve their growth and health. Plants provided with humate can make better use of nutrients and are more resistant to stress. The humate promotes the development of bigger healthier root systems and also helps to increase the microbial activity in a soil or other growing medium.